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Giving Back to the Community

Giving Back to the Community with Knob & Key x Venture

At The it Crowd, we’re passionate about giving back to the community and doing the right thing by being intentional with how we use our resources. That’s why we launched our “Doing Good” initiative. As a part of the initiative, our team chooses a new non-profit or volunteer opportunity to support each month. In February, we stood strong behind our loyal client, Knob & Key, and their partnership with Venture.


Venture works to end injustices in marginalized communities, such as dealing with issues like human trafficking. Knob & Key has been closely supporting this mission for more than 10 years. In February, our entire team at The it Crowd individually joined Knob & Key’s “Venture Miles” team to help raise money and awareness for poor and oppressed communities. By logging miles through biking, walking, tennis, and other fitness activities, and actively sharing our experiences with the campaign through social media, our team was able to contribute towards Knob & Key’s $8,000 goal. 


The it Crowd’s Senior Account Manager, Micah Lynch, reflects on her experience as one that gave her a new perspective of her effect on the world. “I gained a better understanding that I can make a difference in the change I want to see. It doesn’t take money to be the difference – it takes action. I also gained some insights on myself and how to keep running for change,” says Micah. 


Account Manager, Kelsee McGee agrees that taking action was something she loved most about taking part in the Venture Miles campaign. “I enjoyed being able to actively do something rather than just post about it and ask for donations. This was a great incentive to stay active during the snowstorm, as well as the weeks following and prior,” she recalls. “I love that Knob & Key isn’t just asking people to donate, but they are also donating per transaction that they complete.”


It’s safe to say that The it Crowd’s “Doing Good” February initiative was a great success! We’re proud to have supported and brought awareness to the issues that Venture fights against on a daily basis. The good news? Knob & Key welcomes the entire Dallas community to join their Venture Miles team as well! 


As a way to help raise awareness and encourage the general community to get involved in the  Venture Miles campaign, Knob & Key has also launched a meet-ups program. The first event kicked off with a group hiking excursion at Cedar Ridge Preserve in Cedar Hill, TX. Knob & Key’s next meet-up for Venture Miles is called “Climb for Change.” This will be a fun-filled and inspiring rock climbing event at Oso Climbing Gym on March 27th. These meet-ups are the perfect way to make a difference, stay active, and connect with your local community. So don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity! 

To learn more about Knob & Key’s partnership with Venture, go to knobandkeyrealty.com. To discover more on how we’re giving back to the community at The it Crowd, click HERE.

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