The Creative and Technical Toolkit for Social Media Excellence

Welcome to the digital playground of The it Crowd Marketing Agency, where creativity meets innovation in the social media space. Whether you’re crafting a tweet, designing a story, or scheduling a post, having the right tools can transform your social media presence from good to great. In this blog, we’re listing down our top 5 […]

Client Relations Mastery: Our Proven Strategies for Happy Clients

Imagine starting every week with Confidence Charged Mondays, where you and your clients are pumped up and ready to tackle challenges together. It’s not just about doing things the same way; it’s about building solid and respectful relationships with the clients who trust you and your business.  This isn’t just another set of instructions; it’s […]

Starting Q3 Off on the Right Foot

Does your company have a quarterly retreat? The It Crowd does, and here’s why- The It Crowd implemented EOS in 2018 after our founder, Lindsey, read the book Traction. This book and program completely changed the trajectory of The It Crowd. The EOS program has allowed our company to address and improve issues, set goals […]

2020 Wrap Up – Part 4!

The end of 2020 is here! And while there are so many of us, including me, that say GOOD RIDDANCE to this year – I am also immensely thankful for the past 365 +/- days. Let me tell you why…. • Mission, Vision, and Company Core Values – that we actually follow! • Weekly reported KPIs that all go back to our Mission, […]

2020 Wrap-Up – Part 3!

Ok –  I have a question for you now…. what are you doing about Work From Home? Currently, we are taking this in a few week’s time chunks, and re-assessing at the end of each of those chunks.  It feels so informal and like we should have some sort of policy in place.  What are you doing? […]

2020 Wrap-Up – Part 2!

Pumpkin scones and lattes are long gone, Christmas lights are starting to twinkle, and as business owners….our accountants are buttoning up the books and our tax professionals are starting to touch base if they have not already. It truly is the best time of the year. But with all the signs pointing to the end of […]

Nailing Down Your Processes

What are our processes? Do we even have them? Get excited…. we are chatting about how to document everything that happens within your company. I can tell you, we are super pumped about this! At The It Crowd, we call this The It Crowd Way! We also have Bibles for each department. Everything we do is in these […]

We’re Back with a 2020 Wrap-Up!

As promised, we are back with an end-of-the-year and into-the New Year email series for us all to learn from.  Before we get started – for the multiple entrepreneurs and C-level executives that are in my peer groups – thank you for all that you have taught me thus far.  Without these people, these email series would not be […]