Client Relations Mastery: Our Proven Strategies for Happy Clients

Imagine starting every week with Confidence Charged Mondays, where you and your clients are pumped up and ready to tackle challenges together. It’s not just about doing things the same way; it’s about building solid and respectful relationships with the clients who trust you and your business. 

This isn’t just another set of instructions; it’s a blueprint for client success. Not only will you learn about our techniques, but we will also give you tips and tricks on implementing these strategies into your own business. But first, why put all of this time and effort into people who are already our clients? …

Take a look at these stats…

  1. According to Zendesk.com, Of companies that focus on the client experience (CX), there’s an 80% increase in revenue.
  2. 49% of customers who left a brand they’d been loyal to in the 12 months say it’s due to poor CX. (Emplifi.com)
  3. 87% of customers who say they had a great experience will make another purchase from the company. (Forbes.com)

YIKES!  If you read this and have NOTHING in place, it’s time to move on. Check out our process –  “borrow” it if you want!  We even came up with a fun acronym for you to remember. 

C: Confidence-Charged Mondays – Energize Your Week Proactively
R: Relevant Tools – Tech-Savvy Solutions for Exceeding Expectations
O: Offer Real Things That Work – Drop the Jargon and Be Real
W: Work Towards Mutual Goals – Develop and Joint Plan
D: Deliver Exceptional Service – Read Customer’s for Life.

Let’s get started! 

C: Confidence-Charged Mondays – Energize Your Week Proactively

At The it Crowd, we’ve coined our Confidence-Charged Mondays as “Monday Morning Emails,” our clients can’t get enough of them. These personalized updates, delivered right at the start of the week, give our clients a quick snapshot of the progress of their projects and action items for both them and us for the week. This type of open and methodical communication resonates with them, instilling faith in our capabilities and excitement about the week ahead. 

These emails have become a game-changer in our client relations, fostering satisfaction and loyalty and setting the stage for potential referrals. It’s not just about starting the week right; it’s about creating a lasting connection.

Change your Mondays from a grind into a confidence-charged and energizing experience to inspire momentum for the week. Here is our template for these emails:

R: Relevant Tools – Tech-Savvy Solutions for Exceeding Expectations

In our tech-savvy age, having the right tools in your arsenal is like having a superpower. Here at The it Crowd, we’ve got a whole toolbox of wonders to ensure we deliver top-notch results to our clients. One tool is our project management superhero toolkit, the ClickUp. It’s like our secret for keeping the team glued together.

With ClickUp, we’re managing projects and creating sequences that help us with our client relationships. This incredible sequence in ClickUp lets us sprinkle a bit of magic by scheduling “random” follow-ups, gifts, and some out-of-the-box client touches just to show them a little love. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about project management; it’s about adding that extra dash of awesomeness to our client relationships. Cheers to ClickUp – our superhero sidekick in making things happen! 

Our sequence for random acts of kindness:

O: Offer Real Things That Work – Drop the Jargon and Be Real

When mastering client relationships, the “O” in CROWD stands for Offer Real Things That Work. This means providing services or products that truly meet your client’s needs and solve their problems. It’s not just about making promises or selling the latest and greatest; it’s about delivering results. To do this effectively, you need to understand your client’s goals, challenges, and what success looks like to them. Then, tailor your offerings to align with those objectives. For instance, if you’re a marketing agency, don’t just sell a one-size-fits-all package. Instead, create customized strategies that drive real business growth for your clients. By offering solutions that work, you build trust and credibility, which are the cornerstones of any strong relationship. Remember, happy clients are the ones who see tangible benefits from your partnership, so focus on making a positive impact on their business, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Steps to take action:

  • Listen Carefully: Start by having in-depth conversations with your clients to understand their specific needs and the hurdles they face. We have “discover” templates that we go into every onboarding meeting with. 
  • Customize Your Approach: Use the insights from these discussions to research what is already in the market and develop tailored strategies or products that directly address your client’s unique challenges. 
  • Measure and Adjust: After implementing your solutions, track their effectiveness and be willing to make changes. This shows your commitment to getting accurate results for your clients.


W: Work Towards Mutual Goals – Develop and Joint Plan

The “W” stands for Work Toward Mutual Goals. This is about being a reliable partner that clients can depend on rather than just another task they need to manage. It’s not just their goal or your business target; it’s a mutual mission that both of you strive to accomplish. When you align your efforts with your clients’ objectives, you become an integral part of their success. This collaboration fosters a more profound connection because you’re invested in achieving shared outcomes. 

Understanding the importance of working toward mutual goals is one thing, but taking action is where the real magic happens. Here’s how you can put this into practice:

Steps to take action:

  • Set Common Objectives: Sit down with your clients and define clear, shared goals you’re both eager to reach. This ensures you’re pulling in the same direction.
  • Communicate Regularly: Keep the lines of communication open. Regular updates and check-ins help maintain alignment and show your clients you’re proactive and attentive.
  • Celebrate Successes Together: When you hit milestones, celebrate them as a team. This not only strengthens your relationship but also reinforces the value of your partnership.


D: Deliver Exceptional Service – Read Customer’s for Life.

Delivering Exceptional Service at The it Crowd is more than a strategy; it’s a journey of building connections that transcend transactions. Our commitment to flexibility, adaptability, and truly being a partner to our clients sets the stage for enduring partnerships.

As a company, we read Customer’s For Life by Carl Sewell.

Here’s how we took a car dealership quest for greatness and turned it into action items for The it Crowd:

  • Personal Onboarding: From day one, we go beyond the business. During onboarding, we ask random yet meaningful questions about birthdays, favorite colors, and special dates like anniversaries. It’s our way of making the client feel seen and valued, just like family.
  • Random Acts of Kindness: Waiting for holidays? Not us. We send surprises and gifts at unexpected times throughout the year. Whether it’s a small win or just to share a happy day, we believe in celebrating the journey together.
  • Meeting Agendas for Transparency: Every meeting with The it Crowd has a clear agenda attached to the calendar invite. This streamlines discussions and serves as a shared space for notes and action items. We’re all about making it easy for our clients to stay in the loop.
  • Checkup Surveys for Continuous Improvement: We care about how we’re doing, and more importantly, how our clients feel. That’s why we regularly send checkup surveys to ensure their satisfaction and gather insights on areas where we can enhance our services.
  • The it Crowd Extras: Sometimes, going the extra mile means adding value where our clients least expect it. Our monthly “Extras” initiative aims to provide additional perks in areas they may not be directly paying for, ensuring they always get more than they signed up for.


These aren’t just good practices but the tested and proven pillars of our client relationship approach. At The it Crowd, we believe in meeting expectations and exceeding them, ensuring our clients feel the warmth of our commitment in every interaction. 

As we wrap up this guide on mastering client relationships, remember that nurturing these connections is not just a one-time effort—it’s an ongoing commitment. You might wonder why invest so much in clients you already have. The answer lies in the undeniable power of trust and loyalty from exceptional client experiences. By following The it CROWD acronym, you’re ensuring your clients’ success and paving the way for your business’ growth and reputation.

C: Confidence-Charged Mondays that set the tone for a week of proactive collaboration.

R: Relevant Tools ensure you stay ahead with tech-savvy solutions.

O: Offer Real Things That Work to deliver genuine value.

W: Work Toward Mutual Goals to create partnerships, not just transactions.

D: Deliver Exceptional Service to make every interaction memorable.

By implementing these steps, you’ll see that the effort put into maintaining strong client relationships pays off manifold. Happy clients become your advocates; they’re more likely to return, recommend, and expand their business. So, apply these insights to your strategies, and watch as your client relationships transform into partnerships that drive mutual success. Remember, at the heart of it all is a simple truth: when your clients succeed, so do you. Let’s build those bridges and turn every client interaction into an opportunity for growth!