We’re Back with a 2020 Wrap-Up!

As promised, we are back with an end-of-the-year and into-the New Year email series for us all to learn from.  Before we get started – for the multiple entrepreneurs and C-level executives that are in my peer groups – thank you for all that you have taught me thus far.  Without these people, these email series would not be possible.  If you are interested in a peer group, let me know and I can try and point you in the right direction.

So here we are, end of 2020 – going into 2021 and COVID is still alive and kickin’. No new news here – but goodness, I don’t know about you…but I am over it.  Between wondering each week when it is going to get better, chatting with my team about who is getting tested this week, and why I still cannot figure out our Zoom settings is beyond exhausting! But, while all of this is exhausting, I am happy to report that The it Crowd is stronger than it has ever been!

In this short weekly email series, we are going to chat about:

  • This year is not over – tips for wrapping it up strong!
  • Looking ahead in 2021 – continue WFH? What does growth look like? Do you have a 2021 budget and plan? Let’s get that going ASAP.
  • 2020 in review – what we have learned…what we have implemented and changed? And what we are grateful for as a company!

Until next week – check out some of the things The It Crowd has been up to since the last time we chatted….

Did you know that nearly 44% of people said they watch less live TV as a result of live streaming? Video streaming is quickly becoming a must for brands, and our clients have been so excited to try it out! As you can see, we’re having a lot of fun in the process. Want to see how The It Crowd has been keeping up? Click below to watch one of our latest Live Streams with our client, Dr. Bharat Sangani.

As a team, we’ve participated in multiple virtual walks/runs recently in support of our clients and non-profits by walking the Trinity Strand Trail in Dallas. We’ve been a part of the promotion behind Knob and Key Realty and The Katy Trail’s Virtual 5k, collectively raised over $1,000 to provide to St. Jude Cancer Research by virtually walking/running, and are SUPER excited to be a part of and announce that Jingle Bell Run is going virtual this year!

COVID season has pushed the limits, but we pushed back harder. We are super excited to share with everyone some of our new clients! From life coaches to pet resorts, we love bringing on and learning about different businesses all unique from each other. Want to start making some moves? Let’s get started.

Doing good makes great people. The It Crowd as a team has been giving back to our community by volunteering at the “I Have A Dream” Foundation in Dallas twice a week to help make bagged lunches and snacks for the neighborhood kids. Our purpose and mission as a company is to leave people and businesses better than they were, and if we’re not giving, then we’re not growing. Enjoy some photos of our team volunteering below!