Reviving Relevance: The Resurgence of Print Marketing in 2022

If you’re a small business looking to reach more customers through marketing, the first area you would probably choose to focus on is digital marketing. So social media, videos, blogs, basically anything you would find on the internet

It makes sense to put all of your focus on digital marketing in the beginning, I mean, we are living in 2022, and robots are just around the corner, but print marketing is kind of having a moment right now. 

Forbes magazine has reported that print marketing offers a perspective that can’t be replicated through digital media. A 2022 survey found that 37% of Americans say they only read and buy print books whereas 7% say they will only read ebooks. As you can see, print is still very relevant, and any company out there would be wise to invest a little bit of their budget into print marketing. 

Here are 5 reasons why print marketing is a must this year:

  1. Print has more of a permanent presence
    Magazines, postcards, and brochures have much more presence than something like a social media post or an email. A potential customer might quickly read an email or watch a video, but the chances of them going back to revisit the material a second time aren’t very likely. Print materials stay in the customer’s view and can be kept in a home or office for months.
  2. Print demands more attention
    Did you know that the average consumer spends 43 minutes reading a magazine? That’s 43 minutes of potential attention given to your brand and company. Producing a magazine or releasing a well-designed pamphlet or brochure would be a great way to attract the attention of potential customers and give them something interesting to read!
  3. Print materials help to further establish your brand
    By bringing elements of your brand into printed materials like magazines and postcards, you are further enforcing the image of your brand. You get a chance to use your font, colors and other aspects of your brand to create a whole new product for your audience to enjoy.
  1. Print helps you get more specific on who you target
    It is very easy to put print media in front of the right people. A poster hung in the right building or a magazine placed on the right table allows you to be more precise in who you target. You might also choose to place an ad for your company in an existing publication like a newspaper or magazine and benefit from the audience they already have.
  1. Print creates a sensory experienceThere’s a reason why people still buy print books even though ebooks are often half the price. Some people like the smell and feel of a new book, others like the idea of unplugging and escaping the digital space while they flip through pages. Printed books are still preferred by the majority of Americans with 65% saying they read a print book in the past year. There’s just something special about a physical book or magazine. So consider creating your own printed publication to share with your audience.

Print marketing has become less popular over the years, but when done correctly, it can make your brand stand out. Print materials are more tangible and memorable, and there’s just something exciting about a well-made publication.