21-Day Challenge: Transform Habits & Business Success

COMMIT TO 21 DAYS – IT COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING! Believe it or not, the number “21” is a powerful one! This number is not only the year Americans can legally drink alcohol, or the title of the notorious Adele album that houses the tracks “Rolling in the Deep,” and “Someone Like You.” As we planned […]

What is the Heart Behind it?


“I WAS AN ENTREPRENEUR BEFORE I EVEN KNEW HOW TO PRONOUNCE THE WORD.”  LINDSEY HARRISON, FOUNDER & CEO OF THE IT CROWD MARKETING    If you’re familiar with the history of The It Crowd, then you know that a passion for building businesses and empowering leaders is at the foundation of who we are. We […]

Boba Milk Tea and Doing Some Good

In my time at The It Crowd, I have learned a lot about its unique work culture. My dog, Bear, can come to the office with me (when we’re back to normal), everyone LOVES and runs on caffeine, and we tend to lean on the competitive side (in a good way). Team health challenges are […]

Community Impact: Knob & Key Collaborates with Venture for Positive Change


At The It Crowd, we’re passionate about giving back to the community and doing the right thing by being intentional with how we use our resources. That’s why we launched our “Doing Good” initiative. As a part of the initiative, our team chooses a new non-profit or volunteer opportunity to support each month. In February, […]

Let’s Talk Money

When it comes to the times that we are seeing right now, so many things are out of our control. However, lucky for us, there are some things that are in our control. And so we are concentrating on that! Take this journey with us. With so many people emailing which topics they would like to get information on first, […]

Together We Can Only Get Stronger

Wow! I don’t know about you all, but I didn’t see this coming! I look back and I think about what my plans were for my company just 3 months ago and sending people to work from home, navigating the waters of what’s next, and watching the news headlines vigilantly was not in my 12-month […]

This Too Shall Pass

When I go through hard times, my mantra is just that – Be Still and Know – this too shall pass. I have found myself saying this a lot over the past few weeks; and while I am not really holding still, I do know that this will pass. I urge you to tie a knot at the end […]

Doing Our Part to Make the World a Better Place


The it Crowd team is passionate about doing our part to make the world a better, happier place. This includes practicing eco-friendly habits every day. We recently launched our “Doing Good” initiative, in which we work together to give back to the community. Every month, our team chooses a new non-profit or volunteer opportunity to […]

A Life (And Business) With Purpose

I have never been one to dig deep on “knowing your why” or building my company for a “higher reason” – things I’ve always been told I needed to have in order to be successful in business. Instead, I’ve always just built because I enjoy challenges, overcoming obstacles, and feeling a sense of accomplishment when […]