The Creative and Technical Toolkit for Social Media Excellence

Welcome to the digital playground of The it Crowd Marketing Agency, where creativity meets innovation in the social media space. Whether you’re crafting a tweet, designing a story, or scheduling a post, having the right tools can transform your social media presence from good to great. In this blog, we’re listing down our top 5 […]

Reviving Relevance: The Resurgence of Print Marketing in 2022

If you’re a small business looking to reach more customers through marketing, the first area you would probably choose to focus on is digital marketing. So social media, videos, blogs, basically anything you would find on the internet.  It makes sense to put all of your focus on digital marketing in the beginning, I mean, […]

Get a Head Start with These 2020 Trends for Marketing!

As the year 2019 comes to a close, we can’t help but wonder what adventures await us in the new decade. There are always a few defining styles, technological advancements, or celebrity drama/feuds that distinguish one decade from the other. Some trends span decades but others come and go. The same is true in the […]