Oh No! Let’s Kill This!

Week 4 is it? Have you lost count? Are you the person who has found a new love for being an introvert? Or is your skin crawling because you don’t think you can go another day without seeing someone in person? Now that all of us have hopefully come to some sort of terms that we are in our houses for a little bit longer and the initial shock is subsiding – it is time to look at growing stronger and getting our teams and companies in order. This week, we are going to get a good grip on where we currently are as a company and where we are going. Self-assessment and company assessments are the foundation for this.

For my team, we use 2 assessments that really help us understand each other.

  1. The enneagram – while the tradition is for this to be taught orally, we can’t commit to a multiple-week class for everyone at this time. Instead, we do an online test. We have everyone in the company as well as everyone that we are looking to bring onto the team to take the assessment. Click here for the enneagram test we use at The It Crowd.
  2. The company baseline test in the book Traction. Click here for the Traction test.

Once you take these assessments for your teammates and for your company, you will have some pretty clear marching orders on what your company needs to work on as well as if you have the right people in the right positions based on their personalities.

Now onto where are we going! Last week we talked about Your Mission, Vision, and KPIs to add to your scorecard. This week we are going to talk about our plans for the next 1, 3, and 10 years.

Let’s dive in:

This is the one larger-than-life goal that everyone is working toward, the thing that gives everyone in the organization a long-range direction.

How to do this:

  • Get your leadership team on Zoom and ask each one of them what they believe the revenue size of the company will be in 10 years. You will most likely get a wide array of answers to this. These different figures should get people talking and you should ultimately sync with each other.
  • Now come up with something specific and measurable as your target so that there are no grey areas with this goal.

With a clear 3-year picture, it is not too far to where you can’t see it, and not too close that you breeze by it. It will help you more easily determine what you have to do in the next 12 months to stay on track.

How to do this: With your leadership team….

  • Pick the date
  • Determine the revenue goal
  • Agree on the profit number
  • Determine your specific measurable

This may or may not have changed in the past few weeks, but look at this and set one anyway!

How to do this: With your leadership team….

  • Pick the date
  • Determine the revenue goal
  • Determine the profit number
  • Determine your specific measurable
  • NOW, With your 3-year picture in mind, discuss debate, and decide on the 3-7 most important priorities that must be completed this year for you to be on track with your three-year picture.

Now that you have your personality assessment, you know your company baseline, and you have your 1, 3, and 10-year targets – communicate this with your team. They will love to know what is in your head and where you are going as a company. Some will most likely even ask you where they fit into the plan!

That’s all for today folks! I hope the rest of your Thursday goes well! Try to get outside and enjoy the weather.

We’ve touched on some ways for you to grow organic traffic online, but the best way is to connect with your audience through your social media platforms. In this day and age, people are looking for real and genuine. While social media can be a powerful sales tool, it can also be dangerous. Be sure your social media channels are a healthy mix of your products and services, but also who you are! Who’s behind the pretty infographics and the loads of information on LinkedIn? Here are some tips on how to connect with your audience in a genuine way on social media:
  1. Respond and engage! If your followers are messaging you on Facebook or Instagram, be sure to respond in a timely manner! Did they comment on your post? Like it! Did they follow you? Follow them back! Even go as far as to like their posts, follow other similar companies and people, and so on!
  2. Post your team! Introduce the world to the people who make it all happen. This doesn’t have to be a professional headshot – snap a fun iPhone picture of your team at a company happy hour (or screenshot your Zoom call!). Celebrate your employees’ birthdays, achievements, work anniversaries, and more on your social channels – your customers will love it.
  3. Share your heart and your mission. Did your company recently volunteer at a food bank? Did someone from your team recently go on a mission trip? Are you guys actively giving back to the community? Or maybe even you helped another employee in need? Share how your company is impacting the world, no matter if it is on a small or large scale!
Be sure to keep your social media up to date without being annoying! And remember, it’s a SOCIAL world – be real with your people and watch what happens!