Brand Discovery and Strategy Sessions – The HOW TO Guide.

If your company went out of business tomorrow, would anybody really miss you? That’s a tough question to face… but stay in tune with us for a moment. Consider this: Who would genuinely mourn the loss of your brand? And why? HBR.com strikes a chord by prompting you to ponder this very question. It all boils down to your brand strategy. Is it because you offer the best product on the market? Maybe your customer service hits all the right notes compared to the competition. Could it be that your workplace culture resonates so well that employees would struggle to find a similar environment? Or is it the lasting impressions and emotional connections you’ve established with customers that would be hard for others to replicate?

Pen down your thoughts.

And now, let’s harmonize our understanding as we move forward.

Step 1: Foundations of Brand Identity: Dig Deep or Get Left Behind:

Mission, Vision, and Values—do these terms resonate with the essence of your company? Or are they just a decorative arrangement on your website, seldom revisited? It’s crucial that these elements are not just words, but the core melody that your business plays in every action. If they don’t ring true, it’s time to retune.

The EOS model offers a solid framework to fine-tune these foundational questions. Missing the book? Snag a copy here. Absorb chapter 3 and dive into the exercises. Stuck on a tricky part? Send me an email; we can discuss how we might be able to help. 

After self-implementing EOS at The it Crowd almost 7 years ago, this is what we came up with:

Kingdom Purpose (this is not from EOS, but from Convene): To learn how to find our light so we can effectively show others how to find theirs.


Our vehicle is exceptional marketing. Our purpose is to do good things, make great people, and pursue opportunities to love and serve others.


We create EVERLASTING thumbprints.

Our core values form an acronym: CREATE:

  • Coachable – Always ready to learn a new tune.
  • Responsible – Keeping tempo with our commitments.
  • Enthusiastic – Infusing our work with vibrant energy.
  • Add Value – Going the extra mile for an encore performance.
  • Thankful Joy – Celebrating each success with gratitude.
  • Ethical – Maintaining integrity, the baseline of our harmony.

Step 2: Define Your Audience: The Heartbeat of Your Branding Strategy

Identifying your audience ensures your brand’s message doesn’t just echo into the void but reaches the hearts of listeners. This involves demographic research, psychographic profiling, and mapping out the customer journey.

Looking for a starting note? The it Crowd’s buyer persona SOP template can serve as your guide to composing the perfect audience profile. For more strategic insights, subscribe to our newsletter.

Step 3:  Evaluate the Competitive Landscape: Carve Out Your Brand’s Niche

Tuning into your competitive landscape isn’t just about social media—it’s about understanding the entire concert hall. It’s crucial to listen to the industry’s symphony and find where your brand can harmonize without getting drowned out. Knowing your position in the market helps you craft a unique melody that distinguishes your brand from the rest.

Our comprehensive SOP for competitive analysis is like having a maestro’s baton for directing your strategy. It guides you through examining not just social media, but also marketing strategies, customer experiences, and performance metrics across all platforms with precision and grace.

Step 4: Compose Your Brand’s Unique Narrative

Your brand’s narrative is the melody that will captivate your audience.

  • Branding Success Examples: Draw inspiration from businesses that have successfully found their rhythm with their branding strategies. Analyzing these examples provides valuable insights into what works well in the industry.
  • Brand Voice Creation: Develop a unique voice that speaks volumes about your brand. This voice should be distinctive and recognizable, conveying your brand’s personality in every message. Hint: Use your mission, vision, and values. 
  • Emotional Tone Setting: Choose the right emotional undertones for your brand’s story. This sets the mood for your communications and helps form a connection with your audience.

Step 5: Put it all together…Create a Branding Guide

With the baton in hand, it’s time to compose your branding guide—a strategic document that orchestrates your brand’s every move:

  • Brand Elements Definition: Detail each aspect of your brand’s identity, including logos, color schemes, fonts, and imagery guidelines.
  • Branding Guidelines Establishment: Set clear rules for applying your brand elements. This includes instructions for logo usage, color applications, and the tone of voice for different contexts.
  • Brand Cohesion Assurance: Craft a guide that ensures harmonious brand expression. This guide acts as a reference for anyone who communicates on behalf of your brand, ensuring consistency and clarity.

Step 6: Integrate Branding Strategies Across All Channels

For your brand’s symphony to reach a crescendo, it must be flawlessly executed across all channels:

  • Brand Identity Review: Take stock of existing brand elements to ensure they align with your strategic goals. This might include evaluating your logo, color palette, typography, and any other visual assets.
  • Visual Branding Consistency: Create your cohesive look across all brand assets. This means ensuring that your visual identity is consistent in all forms of communication, from your website to your business cards, your social media to your sales materials, and everything in between. If the asset does not match your branding guide, burn it. I mean it.
  • Implement a new rule – no one can create new materials. This is a strict rule. No more salespeople, owners, C-level executives, or anyone else….NO ONE CAN CREATE NEW MATERIALS except for your marketing team.

The Finale: Synthesizing Branding Strategies for Maximum Impact

As we conclude our guide to branding strategies, your brand is ready to take center stage with a presence that’s both memorable and impactful. We’ve journeyed from the initial discovery to the final applause, equipping you with the strategies needed for a standing ovation. If you’re ready to see your brand’s strategy performed to perfection, The it Crowd is here to help you fine-tune every element. Need more help than what is in this guide? Reach out for a consultation, and let’s orchestrate a branding strategy that not only reaches but moves your audience. Together, we’ll ensure your brand’s narrative is not just heard—it’s experienced.