3 Overlooked Marketing Strategies: Put them all together for unparalleled results. I promise.

In the complex realm of B2B marketing, businesses are usually fixated on cutting-edge methodologies and high-tech tools, often overlooking foundational strategies that can be even more effective. I constantly talk to businesses that are looking for the next best thing from their marketing agencies all while ignoring the basics. But what if we used tech to to not only get back to the basics, but enhance the basics for even better, tried and true, results?

Let’s look at 3 overlooked marketing strategies that we often enhance through tech, mash together in thoughtful sequences, and run for unparalleled results. 

1. The Power of LinkedIn

Since Covid, LinkedIn has been one of our dearest friends. Whether you are looking to recruit new talent, get more business within channel partners, or find new connections you want to engage in your product, LinkedIn is your platform.  But cutting through the noise even on a strictly B2B platform is hard. This is where personalization comes into play. What if you could message potential customers personalized content in bulk?

2. Personalized Email – at scale 

We all know what an email newsletter is and we have all gotten the never-ending spam emails from people trying to sell us their services who have no idea who we are.  BUT, what if you could harness the power of email newsletters, at scale, and personalized to the person you are sending it to?  Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes money.  BUT, the power of return is going to be unlike anything you have seen before. 

3. Embrace the Human Touch in Writing

The art of having a pen pal is part of the days of ‘ole.  But what about handwritten notes? When was the last time you got a letter in the mail that was actual handwritten?  Do you think you would open it? The answer is yes, you would. And if you were looking for that specific service at that particular time, you would call. 

Now, what if you put all three of these together in a well thought through campaign for your 2024 growth goals?  What if your outreach to potential customers looked something like this….at scale?

Mind. Blown. And best yet, I promise it works!

Here are 2 success stories of the past month:

Company A – 

The Client Ask: To grab more market share of one of their channel partner’s business.  In Texas, they only account for 1% of the channel’s business. If they could grow their market share with this channel, it would result in MILLIONS of dollars in revenue. 

What We Did: – We created a 12 step LinkedIn and personalized email campaign over a 1 month period.  In the first 30 days, they have had 23 leads that have come from the email campaign and 14 come from LinkedIn.  We have had to pause the campaign for them to catch up.

Company B – 

The Client Ask:  They were looking to find new sales people in a very competitive B2B marketplace. 

What We Did: After asking what type of people worked well in their industry, we found another industry that was similar to them. We created a personalized LinkedIn outreach campaign to everyone we could find in that industry.  After 30 days of running the campaign, they have already had 4 interviews of potential sales people.  

The Role of The it Crowd Services

I can see it now, you are reading this and nodding your head as if you believe what I am saying, but when push comes to shove, you have NO idea how to put all of this together.

Never worry, this is where The it Crowd comes into play.  No matter if you are looking for a one time project for us to wave our pixie dust wand and create a structured campaign for you to implement OR you want to have us work alongside you with an ongoing project for us to create, implement, and maintain – we are here. 

Remember, in marketing, simplicity is often the gateway to unparalleled success.