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Who Got the Last Laugh?

Everyone knows you can’t believe everything you see on the internet. The internet is just as crowded with tongue-in-cheekisms and fake news as it is with legit information. For example, who in their right minds would believe that Apple’s launch of a supposedly state-of-the-art headphone that looks kind of like ear cigarettes was anything more than an April Fool’s joke? The only problem with that assumption is that the launch took place in September – not April.

True story: The launch of Apple’s AirPods was not fake news. Hop on a crowded subway or city bus and eventually, you can be pretty certain you’ll spot them – probably sooner rather than later. They’re highly noticeable and highly unusual looking, which is probably part of their appeal. They’re quirky, but they’re surprisingly practical. And that’s why in reality AirPods are no joke. They’re compact, convenient, easy to use and recharge, and compatible with other Bluetooth devices. How refreshing: A product launch where substance trumps style!

What started out as an Internet joke – a product that was ridiculed, riddled with disparaging nicknames, and generally brushed aside as a product no one would ever want to be seen wearing in public – is now one of the most coveted products of the year. AirPods may have begun as an internet joke. They’re probably still subject of many snarky comments and gawking stares. But you know what? Apple – the mother of this internet joke – is enjoying the last laugh. It’s laughing all the way to the bank. Next time you see the seemingly unbelievable on the internet, don’t automatically brush it aside as a hoax. The internet is fertile ground for fake news. However, as we’ve learned from AirPods, the internet is also fertile ground for the most exciting, revolutionary product launches.

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