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What’s new for businesses on Instagram?!

Do you even Instagram-

If you own a business and you aren’t using Instagram, now is a great time to jump on board! At the beginning of June 2016, Instagram rolled out a new suite of tools, specifically for brands who want to use the platform to promote themselves. These tools include new profiles, better analytics, and the ability to create ads right in the app.

In order to develop these tools, Instagram actually reached out to businesses who were already using their platform in order to ask what kinds of features those brands would be interested in having. One of the biggest requests was for a feature that would help business profiles and posts by those businesses stand out from other posts in users’ streams. They also wanted a tool that would make it easier for them to understand their customer.

There are now more than 200,000 advertisers on Instagram and most of those are actually small businesses or medium businesses. About half of all users follow at least one business and the majority of users use the service to learn more about products or services they want to buy or the brands they want to buy from.

The ability to create a business profile unlocks new features and benefits for those businesses. In order to get one of these profiles, however, your business will already have to have a Facebook page. Only then will a brand be able to access the Insights feature, which tracks post performance and details demographics. You will be able to see which posts are performing the best, who they are reaching, how many people are seeing them, and the age and location of those people. All of this will be accessible from the mobile app, which means advertisers can work on their campaigns on the go.

Instagram is changing up their platform to cater towards businesses, making it easier for them to get analytics and views. By utilizing Instagram’s newest features, businesses can improve their visibility to their target customers as well as receive some great insight as to what is working and what is not. Social media is paving the way for businesses to interact with their customers and creating brand awareness. Is your company on Instagram? Maybe you should think about the perks of using Instagram for your business!

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