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What Will Have a Huge Influence on Your Website’s Performance for 2016?

The year 2015 was one of exceptional success and growth for the majority of businesses. It was the year when lots of new businesses emerged and made themselves a name. However, this wasn’t the case for all businesses, which left them in disappointment and weakness. For the majority of these, the difference was much more than just innovation and talent; such as, the planning and strategies. This is why business owners must plan ahead for 2016 and as a result, adapt. Listed below are several factors that will certainly influence ones business, with much dependence on sales channels and online marketing.


Your Websites User Experience, Performance, and Security

It has recently been announced by google inclination will be given to secure HTTPS sites as well as index content for search results. Two other top priorities for Google are security and user experience, which is another phase for this goal. First of all, you need to move to a web hosting service that is both secure and reliable. Secondly, you need to ensure your web hosting service has a direct influence on user experience factors and your page load times.

Clarity of Your Message and Your Website Copy

What happens when client’s visit your website? They read the message and decide immediately whether they want to proceed and know more. The copy you have on your website is what is in charge to making or breaking your prospects when it comes to sales. One thing research has found is all it takes is three seconds to make someone stay or leave your website. It takes only three seconds for someone to visit a site and decide whether they want to stick with it or leave it. So, what you need to do is ensure what they read in these three seconds is captivating and grasps their attention; making them stay. What you need to do is ensure the copy on your home page is short, but captivating and not very detailed and complex. An example of a good home page is Facebook. At the same time you need to ensure your vocabulary is both focused on driving action and simple.


Online Purchases and How Simple They Are

Did you know the reason to why many of your customers do not purchase products from your website? No, no, it is not your products it is something that is a little more confusing and complex. Still don’t know? It is in fact your payment process, which is so confusing it forces consumers not to buy. How simple the buying and checkout processes are is what has a major influence on the number of your sales. Just remember, the more complex it all is, the harder it is for a customer to purchase and pay. Instead of having to face the hassle of forms and pages, why not turn to options such as PayPal, Visa, and Master Card?

Interacting with Your Customers

How often do you communicate with your customers? In fact, have you ever done this before? If no, then it’s time you start interacting with your list of subscribers, target audience, and existing customers because this is what will bring you the success for 2016. If customers are kept engaged they are more likely to return and purchase. Ensure your clients are kept engaged and updated so they know you are there. This can be done via email, blog posts and forums, training programs, and eBooks.


Both marketing and online marketing seem to be growing rapidly; giving consumers much more options, which they can quickly change to if their needs are not met by a certain firm. Companies that are effectively adaptive can quickly change the environment and leave behind their competitors, and when it comes to this year; everything will be no different.



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