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Tip of the Week: Working with Millennials

There’s been a shift in the workplace over the past few years. As the millennial generation enters the workplace, the older and young are intermingling on a professional level. Some employers are struggling to adapt to the fresh mindset of the younger employees. The millennial generation is not as straight laced as the previous generation; they’re creative, innovative and willing to take risks, but still need some guidance.

We’ve compiled a few tips that will help you better relate and work with the generation that is leading the future.

1. Create structure and give freedom

Millennials need structure, but not a micromanager. Set specific due dates and assigned tasks. Holding weekly review meetings will maintain accountability (we recommend the 90 minute meeting).

2.  Provide a lifestyle, not a job

This is new concept that has merged in the work place. By definition a job is work done regularly to earn money. Punching in the clock, doing the same mundane thing, then going home at 5pm is not something the majority of millennials seek. Consider amping up your company culture and employee engagement. Plan monthly team building activities to create unity. Allow your employees to embrace your company and take pride in the organization.

3. Stay fresh

Today’s generation is always in search of the newest and most exciting thing. It’s important that your company stay up to date with the time through technology and company culture.

4. Encourage, motivate, affirm

Millennials thrive on encouragement and motivation. This does not mean you need to be their personal cheerleader, but providing a little excitement and drive will go a long way. Also giving affirmations from time to time provides positive reinforcement that this generation truly appreciates.

5. Have a little fun

Millennials are all about experience and having fun. Instead of limiting this, embrace it. Loosen you neck tie and shake it up a little.

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