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TIP OF THE WEEK: Create Your Future and Go With IT

We are getting personal with this blog post. It Crowd truly lives by the motto that we are the creators of our own future; we carve out own opportunities by taking risks and just going with it. As an entrepreneur, you have to take chances on the unknown. This story is proof of that, as told by Meagan.

Recently the It Crowd team attended a major expo in California. The expo went GREAT; we met so many great companies and made a lot of valuable connections. It was a whirlwind trip, full of a lot of uncertainty, but we worked our butts and are reaping the benefits.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 4.04.01 PM

To get the whole scope of story, we will start from the very beginning. On Wednesday night, Lindsey announced that there was a major expo the following week that we HAD to attend. My internal thought was “One week to prepare for an expo? Sure why not! This chick is CRAZY, but lets go.”

The next day, I started looking at travel arrangements. Instant panic came over me when I realized the limited availability of plane tickets and hotels. This convention had blacked out the whole entire hosting city. Luckily we were able to snag THE LAST plane tickets and hotel room left. Whew!

Lindsey and I took advantage of the plane ride to do what we do best- work. I looked over at Lindsey’s computer screen and noticed she was building a website that I had never seen before. The site was for a spa, one called “It Crowd Spa.” (WHHAT? Did we buy a SPA?! YESSSS!) Then Lindsey asked me to create business cards for It Crowd Spa with our names on them, to which I responded “Yes, but why? WHAT DID YOU DO?” That’s when Lindsey informed me that to get into the expo as a marketing team it would cost a substantial amount per person, but a spa could get in for a mere $60. This girl knows how to find a loophole!

The only requirements to be considered a spa was a working website and business card. Fortunately for us we create websites and business cards for a living (well and more, of course). So Lindsey slapped together a site and I made the most therapeutic business cards I could in 30min.

We landed in California!! Now off to the expo!!

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 3.48.05 PMBecause everyday begins with Starbucks.

I’m a little concerned about the whole spa thing, but hey we have the required proof, right? And we had already paid for our spots plus received our confirmation, right?…wrong. Lindsey informs me that It Crows had not yet been confirmed into the expo. My thoughts “You mean we dropped everything, flew out here and have accommodations for the next 3 days, but there’s no guarantee that we are even in? And we are technically a spa!!” To which Lindsey laughs and replies YEP. Awesome.

The moment of truth, we are walking up to the registration and I’m trying to play it cool like I belong there. The following passing minute, I swear, was the longest minute of my life. I waited for the registration desk employee to list off all our names as confirmed. “Meagan you are in, Lindsey you are in…..pause….pause….more pause Taylor you are in.” YESSSS! We proceeded to walk into the expo like straight bosses and owned it!

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Lindsey may be crazy and me slightly crazier for following her, but we took a big leap of faith and it paid off. Sometimes you only get one chance and you just have to go. No matter the obstacle, you just have to go. That’s the thing about creating your own future; no one is going to give you what you want; you have to go after it.

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Yup, we created a store. Why? Because we can and have you seen the awesome stuff in there?