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Tip if the week: How to boost your Instagram following

Want to expand your audience on Instagram, but find your self stuck at a certain number of followers? Have no fear It Crowd has a few simple tips to get that extra boost of followers. We can’t guarantee our strategy will put you in the same playing field as Kylie Jenner, but we’re pretty confident in our ways.

    1. Quality content is everything.

Quality over quantity is the name of the game on Instagram. Scan through your photos and delete any irrelevant or mediocre pictures. Instagrammers want to follow accounts that are interesting, rich in quality, and have purpose.

     2. You have to like to be liked.

Liking random photos that are similar to your own interest and likes will help you increase your following.

     3. Hashtag that ish!

Using popular hashtags such as #TBT #FBF #MCM etc…will help put your post in front of a larger audience.

     4. Have a good bio.

Your bio should tell your followers what you’re about and what they can expect from your Instagram account. Keep it simple, upbeat and attractive.

     5. Consistency is key.

To gain more followers faster, you should be posting on the reg. Keep your followers entertained, but keep in mind tip #1, quality over quantity. It’s like trying to balance on a seesaw, you have to find the sweet spot.

     6. Get engaged

You can’t expect others to engage in your post if you’re not engaged too; it’s givers gain. Comment on other pictures and respond back to those who comment on your post.

     7. Time your post out.

Studies have shown 2am and 5pm is the best times to post to gain more likes. Sunday is the slowest day as far as posting goes so posting on Sunday can help boost your outreach.


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