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… These are a Few of Our Favorite Things!

Actually, these are a few of our favorite places in Dallas (but that just didn’t sound as catchy with the Sound of Music melody.) Anyway, getting on to the point … Whether you live in the heart of Dallas or simply visit often, you’re probably already aware of our city’s top draws (Reunion Tower, Klyde Warren park, the aquarium, the zoo, the Nasher sculpture garden, and the many amazing museums in our city.) Sometimes, though, it’s nice to hit up those hidden gems where those in the know love to go. And, because it just so happens to be the lunch hour, we’re going to let you in on some of our favorite spots to wine and dine!

The Network Bar. How do professionals get ahead, advance their careers, and learn about new opportunities? They network, of course. Where do the in-the-know Dallas professionals do their networking? Why, The Network Bar in West Dallas’ Trinity Groves! If you’ve not heard of it, it’s a members-only concept “created for professionals to network and socialize for business and pleasure.” What more could you want? An amazing menu and fully stocked bar, you say? You get access to that, too, with your membership!

Mokah. We love our Keurig, don’t get us wrong. But we also love the vibe of a cozy community coffee house where we can enjoy an espresso or latte, people watch, and get a burst of creative inspiration. Mokah is a funky little gem housed in a 15th-century monastery-esque spot. And, they host cool events like yoga mornings, exhibits, and concerts throughout the year so each visit is different!

The Pho Bowl. On those occasional cold, rainy, gray, dreary Dallas days, there’s no better way to boost your mood than diving into a deep bowl of steaming pho. The Pho Bowl in Deep Ellum is our go-to on those days – and actually on any day we get the urge for this Vietnamese comfort food.

Monkey King Noodle Company. Also tucked away in Deep Ellum is a noodle spot that rivals the best of the Big Apple’s Chinatown has to offer. So don’t let its sparse exterior fool you. If you are after authentic hand-pulled (in-house!) noodles and, wait for it, the elusive xiao long bao (better known as soup dumplings), this is the spot! If you’re wondering, “What IS a soup dumpling?” Check out Monkey King’s offerings. You can thank us later!

These represent but a sampling of our Dallas faves. Check back often for more of our favorite hot spots in our beloved hometown!

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