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The Triangle – pick 2


ANYWAYS, while we were talking about how to partner with each other, Jesse told me about “The Triangle – pick 2”.  Let me explain it.  In business you always have projects that need to happen.  The projects can be done in multiple ways with multiple people or just one or two persons.  But no matter what the project is or task at hand…you have 2 out of three options.  You can do it FAST, CHEAP, and GOOD – pick 2.

WOW – for such a simple thing, I thought I was dumb for not thinking of this sooner.  This seemed to be a life lesson that continued to be slapped across my face and here was Jesse with his humorous way of saying “great news! you get to pick 2!”.

Further explanation:  How do you want your project to be…. Fast and Cheap – but it won’t be GOOD Cheap and GOOD – but it won’t be Fast or GOOD and Fast – but it won’t be Cheap. ….you get to choose! CRAZY! So a business lesson from Jesse Bermensolo that I will now use as my own and take credit for the idea in future meetings… I present to you “The Triangle – Pick 2″

Yup, we created a store. Why? Because we can and have you seen the awesome stuff in there?