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Take Me Out To (Eat At) The Ballgame …

It’s time for America’s most beloved pastime: Major League Baseball! For many fans, baseball is synonymous with cold beers washed down by hotdogs, nachos, and peanuts. Sure, those are all legit ballgame-watching eats. But let us tell you, Ranger’s fans, if you settle for that menu you’re totally missing out. Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the ballgame food offerings. Next time you head out to Globe Life Park, check out:

  • Texas Snowballs (deep-fried, powdered sugar-dusted dough balls with a savory shredded brisket filling),
  • The Crunch BBQ Burger (a burger topped with pulled pork and nacho-cheese-flavored tortilla chips),
  • The Fritos Kimchi Chili Dog (a hotdog topped with chili, kimchi, cilantro, teriyaki sauce, and Fritos),
  • The Texas Two-Step Philly Sandwich (a 24-inch-long sliced brisket sandwich topped with pepper, onions, and cheese), and
  • The Most Valuable Tamale (MVT) – a 24-inch-long, $27 hotdog topped with chili, cheese, and sour cream.

And if you’re heading south to Minute Maid Park and are so inclined, perhaps you’ll decide to taste test the undeniably unique grilled Spam and cheese on Texas Toast. Or perhaps not. It’s you’re call! Now let’s get psyched to watch our hometown boys play ball!





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