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Super Bowl 50: a marketer’s perspective.


The Denver Bronco’s took home the trophy this year and fans celebrated a rumored career end for Peyton Manning. But the Super Bowl isn’t just about football anymore, from the commercials to the half-time show; it is an all out entertaining production. For an ad agency it is the holy mecca of commercial airtime.

With eager eyes, we all gathered around the TV with cold beverages in hand, to watch the top two teams battle it out. This is the Super Bowl 50 play by play from a marketer’s perspective.


The Commercials

Speaking from someone who only watches football for the social aspect, the commercials are why I tune into the Super Bowl. This year’s ads were funny, quirky, and strangely intriguing. If you sat back and thought, “What did I just watch?” you weren’t alone. With many of the brand’s target audiences being males, mid to late 20’s who appreciate odd humor, the competition of who could be the most out there was on.


Mountain Dew, took the cake for giving me the most creeps. Little known fact- when you combine a puppy, a monkey, and a baby into a crazy animation, people pay attention. Mountain Dew reported over 11 million views since it’s teaser release in late January. A poll taken last year showed more people prefer humorous ads over other traditional ads.

Switching to a different marketing strategy, did you notice how social media was heavily integrated into the commercials? Although there was a slight decrease from 2015, 47% of this year’s Super Bowl ads had social media influence. The #Esurancesweepstakes hashtag generated of 2 million tweets by Monday morning. Social media marketing is real and shouldn’t be overlooked. A mere 48 hours ago, Esurance was the last thing on my radar and now due to a Twitter explosion, I am talking about it.


Queen B is titled Queen for a reason and other halftime related news 

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 1.35.29 PM

If you just went off Internet articles and social media feeds, instead of watching the colorful halftime show, you’d think Beyonce and her girl army were the main attraction.

Beyonce took her spotlight moment to announce her world tour: Formation. After her announcement her marketing team took over all her social media accounts to ensure you got her message. Meme’s emerged out of thin air to project everyone’s budget method to afford the hottest ticket on the market. Beyonce doesn’t even need a Facebook event page to remind you that you’re interested in her Formation tour. We like to call this influencer marketing- her majesty currently being the biggest influencer in the game.


Wrap UP

From a marketing perspective Super Bowl 50 was a glance at new marketing trends for 2016. What you can take away from this is weird is the new normal, social media marketing isn’t going away, and influencer marketing speaks volumes.

Fun fact- Peyton Manning told reporters after the game that he was looking forward to celebrating his victory with an ice cold Budweiser. Budweiser did not pay him for that plug, but thanked him very much.

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