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Sneak Peak – Coming soon!

We are so excited to announce the opening of our online shop that will be coming soon! We will be selling branded merchandise including mugs, hats, tumblers, backpacks, t-shirts, and tote bags with YOUR company’s logo on them!

The idea came about when we started noticing that a lot of digital brands are advertising physical branded merchandise on their channels. We have discovered that consumers want to showcase their love for a brand through physical merchandise the same way that they want to retweet, repost, and share the brand’s content. They just want to be part of the community! 

How does it work?

If you are interested in ordering some branded merchandise, all you will have to do is send us your logo, chosen font, and brand colors. We will then set those elements into one of our pre-designed templates (which you will select), send the design off for production, and ship your branded merchandise right to your office.

Why should you invest in branded merchandise?

Branded merchandise not only provides an alternative income stream (if you are planning on selling your products) but it’s also one of those marketing tactics that keep on giving. Here are a few reasons why physical merchandise is the way to go!

  1. It’s a great long-term investment

Other marketing tactics like billboards and online ads have a time limit. You are paying for your ad to be active for a certain period, and when your time is up you can either pay again to keep it up longer or scrap the campaign. 

Once created, branded merchandise will always be visible, and if you choose to give away or sell your merchandise to the public, your logo and company name will be reaching places you never imagined. When designed right, it will catch the eye of the right people. 

  1. It will inspire your employees

Gifting your employees with a mug, t-shirt or bag with your logo on it can promote a sense of pride, belogning, and excitement about the company, especially if it’s designed well! If your brand is already popular in your industry, your employees will be that much more likely to wear and use your merchandise. They will want everyone to know who they work for, so give them the opportunity to show it!

  1. It can help to increase revenue

We have found that more and more businesses are selling physical, branded merchandise in their online shops. Fans of your business will be looking for some sort of memento to show their friends how much they love your brand! Even social media influencers are creating t-shirts, water bottles, and other products with their faces onthem.

  1. It shows you are professional

There is a reason why the most popular and successful brands eventually create their own merchandise. It’s a natural next step in becoming a trusted, professional brand. Even if your customers don’t buy your merchandise, they will still see it, and being seen is the first step in establishing trust in your brand.


Starting October 1st, you will be able to place your order for branded merchandise through our online shop and once processed your merchandise will arrive at your office in weeks!

Yup, we created a store. Why? Because we can and have you seen the awesome stuff in there?

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