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Side Hustle – Worth It or Just Another Job?

What is a side hustle? 
You hear the phrase all the time. But what exactly is it? It’s pretty simple, a side hustle is a second job that has the flexibility to let you still work your full time job. A second job sounds daunting and just another task added to your already long work day. This is where the idea of a side hustle becomes unique. You’re not just working a mundane job that happens to have different hours from your regular job; you’re doing something you’re passionate about. “Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Right? Must be nice, but we can’t all sit on the beach, reading a book, sipping a Pina colada and get paid for it. A side hustle gives you the ability to explore something your interested in and get paid for it. It makes you happy, gives you satisfaction or makes you feel like you’re contributing to the world.
Thinking of starting a side hustle or passion project but not sure how? We asked three VERY different owners of side hustles for their two cents. Meet the owners of Maison Saint James – hosts exclusive culinary experiences, Hops & Bun – creates handcrafted collections for the coastal home and Spyglass Lane Linens – designs and creates customized linens.
How did you pick the perfect side hustle for you? 

MSJ: I didn’t pick the perfect side hustle, the perfect side hustle picked me. I started throwing intimate events as a creative outlet. I took that outlet and monetized it and the rest is history.

H&B: I’ve always had an entrepreneurial heart, but I thought working my full-time job didn’t leave much time for passion projects on the side. I was completely wrong. Once you find something you are truly passionate about, it doesn’t feel like work. That’s what Hops & Bun Co. is for me.

SLL: I love customized linens, but everywhere I looked I could never find exactly what I was looking for. I always wanted it tweaked a certain way to fit my style. You could customize certain parts of certain designs but you wouldn’t truly make it your own. So I decided to learn how to create these beautiful pieces and give other people the opportunity to do the same!
What is the process to start a side hustle?

MSJ: See above!

H&B:Currently, Hops and Bun Co. is just using Oyster Shells but there is much more to come! I scout Oyster Shells from local restaurants and pick them up once a month. I clean, bleach, glaze and then paint the oyster shells myself. Oyster Shells bring the perfect coastal vibe into any home!

SLL: A lot goes into embroidery that, unless you make it, you never know about. I had to teach myself how to use a machine, the different types of stabilizers, the best needles for different fabrics and how to different threads looked. My favorite part is getting to create new designs and watch them come together.

What’s the good / the bad / the ugly of doing a side hustle? 

MSJ: Good:I LOVE being able to creatively express and execute on a concept. The notion of waking up one day with a idea and making that idea come to life is very fulfilling in a way that is not understandable until you do it. Bad: Time constraints can dampen your work flow sometimes. I have a full time job that isn’t exactly a clock in, clock out type of position. That means that sometimes your side hustle has to come last to make sure your main source of income is taken care of. The Ugly: Sometimes working full time and working your side hustle can wear down on your resolve.

H&B: The good/bad and ugly. The ugly would have to be the smell of old oysters when I’m cleaning/bleaching them! YUCK! But the end process is well worth it. I’ve made so many friends through social media (@hopsandbun) and I love seeing how my art is styled in a customer’s home after.
SLL: The good would be seeing each unique creation come to life and know that your customer got the design of their dreams! The bad is running out of bobbin thread and the ugly is getting hit by the needle!!
Would you recommend starting a side hustle?

MSJ: Yes, but master time management first.

H&B:I recommend anyone who is contemplating starting their own thing to just go out there and do it!
SLL: Yes!
Starting a side hustle can be tough, but if you’re committed then the benefit is worth it. Make sure you have mastered your time management skills before embarking on this new endeavor.
Still not convinced? Check out these three self started side hustles for more inspiration Maison Saint James @mainsonsaintjames, Hops & Bun @hopsandbun, and Spyglass Lane Linens @Spyglasslane!

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