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OOOO – Apple! Are you catching up to Android?

If you don’t know of the great divide of the twenty first century known as Apple VS Android, you are living in a hole. What side are you on? Me personally, I am an Apple fan. My life includes MacBook Air, iPad Mini, the regular iPad, iPhone, and hopefully a watch in the near future. Can we say obsessed?

Even with me being a die hard Apple fan, I often wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. With Android definitely on the rise and some of the awesome commercials that have come out, Apple seems to be falling behind with the technology. Right when I start to think this, they come out with 13 big announcements. Have you heard? Let me recap:

1. Siri in now on desktop
2. Apple Pay will now work with Safari
3. The Apple Watch gets faster and adds new features including Do Not Disturb, Scribble for messages, and activity sharing to view friends’ fitness levels.
4. IOS gets a slew of updates which brings a complete redesign for Music and Maps, new notifications, and a new feature called “raise and wake” which will wake the lock screen when you lift your phone.
5. Apple News get s redesign and supports subscriptions
6. Apple Music gets a discover playlist and a complete redesign
7. Maps is redesigned that will show more of a map when a user opens the app. You can also book rides through Maps, pay for them with Apple Pay, and make restaurant reservations.
8. Messages are getting a bit snazzier with bigger emojis, more animated effects and song sharing.
9. Your photo collection has never looked so good. Now enabling the user to organize your collection in multiple ways.
10. Voicemail transcription come to IOS 10 – BOOM!
11. TVOS is expanding and coming to App form.
12. SIRI API is being opened up – Oh the possibilities this will bring!
13. Predictive type is coming to your keyboard.

With all of these new updates, my head and heart are content for a while longer.

(To see more details of the Apple updates please see http://www.theverge.com/2016/6/13/11906654/apple-wwdc-2016-news-highlights-recap-imessage-siri)

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