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Planning for the New Year

Planning for The New Year

It’s that time of year again! Are we crazy for calling it our favorite time of year? We’re not talking about the Holiday Season – our team is all about Planning Season! 2023 is just around the corner. If you haven’t begun thinking about planning for the new year, start now! There is nothing better than closing out another year by celebrating all of your accomplishments and knowing what you need to improve, so you can set yourself up for greater success. Why is planning for 2023 so important? Let’s dive in.


Get Focused! 

  1. Planning helps narrow your focus. What have you achieved this year? Where do you want to expand next year? Asking these kick-off questions can help you identify what worked in your business and what gaps need to be filled. Start small and get specific, then add on from there. This will help you focus on implementing the goals and actually completing them. Planning is not simply naming everything you need to do – it’s creating an actionable roadmap to help move you and your business forward in big ways.


Get Structured! 

  1. Planning provides structure. Each year in business is different and is met with its own unique challenges. Without a clear plan, chaos ensues and there is no structure to stand on. Having a solid structure provides a tool to stay on track. Think of your planning structure as a staircase from top to bottom – one step at a time. It keeps you organized and doesn’t get overwhelming! Create the blueprint and make sure everyone is aligned in a goal-oriented way. 


Get Clear! 

  1. Planning creates clarity. Doing a deep evaluation of your business will help you learn about your audience or customer and the market. Last month, we discussed the importance of market research and how it can help define your goals for the new year. Do you need to expand your marketing efforts? Maybe your clients or customers are looking for stronger support or communication. Do you need to cut back on a budget? You might need to add to your team. The more you learn about how you can improve your product or service, the better you can serve your audience and prioritize how to reach more people effectively. You will also have a better understanding of the internal adjustments that need to happen within your team or systems. Remember, planning is internal and external. More importantly, you can save money while doing so, because you will most likely be putting funds where it makes the most sense and the most return. (Now that sounds convincing enough to get started!)


By the way, there is no wrong way to create your plan. Take out a piece of paper and jot all your ideas down. Then pull out the most relative and achievable ones and create a secondary, smaller list and work out your planning from there. Maybe you’re a visual person. Create a vision board and pull imagery that speaks to where you want to go and be inspired every day!  


Once you start putting the puzzle pieces together, the full picture will begin to reveal itself. Not only will you feel good but you will be setting yourself up for success! If you need some guidance, reach out. We love helping others create achievable goals that inspire! Now, who’s ready for 2023?


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