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Making Power Moves

If Cardi B can make money moves then nothing is stopping you from making power moves. 

A power move, although might sound scary, can be something as simple as learning how to say no, asking a question, standing your ground, or anything else that helps you take control of your career. 

Power moves can be small steps or huge leaps, the point is that they are moving you forward. 

Saying No: 

Sometimes we know in our gut that we should utilize the answer ‘no’ but for whatever reason end up saying yes. Being a people pleaser or spreading yourself too thin may show that you’re a team player but can ultimately reduce the quality of your work, acting as roadblocks in your way to your desired promotion. Remember it’s always okay to say no to picking up another employee’s slack, unnecessary meetings, working overtime all the time, replying to every email, assignments that go against your values, or anything else that causes you to take your eyes off of the finish line. 

Ask your questions:

Meetings have a funny way of going on and on while still leaving you unsure of what your role is or why your company is starting this new project. Chances are that if you feel unclear at the end of a meeting, you’re not the only one with questions. Instead of following everyone else’s example and concluding that you will figure it out while you go, take a stand of courage and ask for more clear answers to your questions. I guarantee that your supervisor will happily spend a few extra minutes being direct then have weeks of work go by with few knowing what is going on. 

Also, don’t be afraid to speak up for any other reason in a meeting. If you see a hole or error in the company’s plan, speak to it. If you have a supporting idea, give it. Speaking up in meetings shows leadership and courage. It helps to positively set you apart from the crowd to both your supervisors and co-workers. 

Learn your worth:

In today’s world, time equals money and money equals power. Take time to study your spending habits, lifestyle choices, salary, benefits package, and the break down of your expenses. Then, assist if it is all serving you in the best way. Consider the time invested with your current company. If you find that your role and responsibilities have grown but your salary has not, it may be time to ask for a raise. Digging in deep into your finances helps you to fully understand your worth.

Be open to advice:

Powerful people can be portrayed as never needing help from others, but that simply isn’t true. The most powerful people have found power because they have surrounded themselves with a close, trusted network of advisors. Utilize all of the resources around you to make sure you have the best advisors that you can. Maybe that looks like a motivational podcast, a weekly phone call to your mom, or even a book on power moves – maybe even a combination of them all. Whatever or whoever it is, find it/them and listen good. 


By: Miranda Hardesty Hoffpauir

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