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It Crowd Marketing (pronounced “it” not I-T) is a Dallas marketing agency specializing in Internet marketing, website design, logo design, printing, SEO, email marketing, and digital marketing, including; Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, and Instagram marketing. We consistently strive to elevate our clients to the next level while exceeding all expectations.

Behind every great company is an extraordinary perseverant leader that pushed to get there. Lindsey Harrison, a dainty yet feisty woman and serial entrepreneur, is the creator of It Crowd Marketing. She dove into the business world at a young age, spawning an immense wisdom of how to create and perfect her own company. This is her story as told by Lindsey Harrison herself.


“I grew up in Plano, Texas. After graduating, I quickly started on my path to “making it in the world” . I began in commercial real estate with a UK company, www.officebroker.com, my sales and management training was done here. My territories expanded to Manhattan, Chicago, and DC; travel became my friend. At the age of 23, I facilitated a staff of 21, I learned how to excel within the fast paced world of commercial real estate, specifically executive suites. I later left OfficeBroker to pursue an advertising executive job with Modern Luxury Dallas. Clients included Bachendorf’s, NorthPark Mall, YLang 23, Hilton Anatole, and The Galleria Mall.

After sometime, the corporate world became a naggingly bore for me and I wanted something of my own. I started small with a pet sitting company that quickly grew to an empire of over 1200 clients. I then moved on, buying a snowcone stand and later DVD rental machines which were housed in apartment complexes. After selling both of these businesses, I moved onto the tech world. Always being a geek at heart, I started an online “deal a day” website that brought local deals to the community of Uptown, Dallas. The website grew to over 25,000 members and was sold to a national brand just 2 years after inception. My next project was a small clothing store, Krimson and Klover. At the time I bought this store in 2012, there was a small following of 900+/- people. Between 2012 and 2015, I surged ahead, creating a full online store, a social media presence to tens of thousands, opened a second location, created a shopping app for buyers, and implemented social, event, loyalty, online, creative, and b2b marketing.

It’s now time for the next adventure; helping others build and grow their businesses. I have always been told that I am really good at marketing. Once I sold Krimson and Klover, I had multiple companies that I did b2b marketing with previously ask me to help them with theirs. Now I help other companies grow!”

Yup, we created a store. Why? Because we can and have you seen the awesome stuff in there?