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Increasing Your Event Registration

If you have ever been a part of putting on an event then you know first-hand just how much planning and stressing over both little and big details goes into the process. One of the biggest, and most common, stressors happen to revolve around your registration numbers. If you’ve had at least one nightmare involving low attendance or no one showing up to your event at all, then you’re not alone.

Use these five tips to help increase event registration and lower your stress levels.

Engage Influencers

Influencers, both large and small scale, are a great way to spread the word and get the public excited about an event. The bigger the influencer, the more you’re going to have to pay. However, luckily for business owners, micro-influencers come at a smaller price point and are perceived as more genuine among their following. There’s a good chance that your event is local and appeals to a specific genre so a micro-influencer makes the most sense regardless. Another perk about working with influencers is that you can likely work out a trade deal rather than having to write another check.

Social Copy

Don’t just push an event, tell a story. Share early and often about the creation of the event, share past photos and videos, highlight reviews and quotes. The best way to get people to an event is to get them excited and the best way to build that hype is by sharing catchy imagery and copy paired with a clear call to action. 

Getting There 

A great way to take your event to the next level in today’s world is by tapping into the market of ride-sharing. Many people today have chosen not to drive a car for one reason or another, which can act as a barrier in getting to your event. One solid way of overcoming this is by establishing your event with Lyft Events and making sure to communicate that your event is rideshare-friendly in all of your marketing and communication efforts along with a promo code for a discounted ride (set up in Lyft Events). 

Ad Calendar 

Social media is a great place to catch the attention of a potential event-goer. To do so, you want to make sure that your posts are clear and compelling but not overwhelming. Having a thorough plan written down will help you to create and share great content whether you’re using paid or organic posts. Break your strategy into 4 phases: event announcement, tickets on-sale, maintenance, and week of event. This will help to build your event’s story and provides a sequence for your posts. The event announcement phase should be focused on building awareness and linking interested parties to ticket sales. Eventbrite has a great platform that you can link with your event’s Facebook page to create an RSVP campaign. The tickets on-sale phase is all about converting interest into ticket sales. The maintenance phase focuses on prompting interested parties in acting fast, think short promo deals of “today only”. During your week of event phase, make sure you’re keeping tickets at full price as you face your hard deadline and drive ads towards those who have previously expressed interest already. 

Call to Action 

The easiest way to add a call to action on your website is by adding a button to the top of your website that clearly states “Buy Tickets Now!”. A visitor shouldn’t have to search for your CTA and should have a clear sense of what you are wanting from him/her. Use clear language and contrasting colors for your link. 

If you still feel like you will be stressed during your next event even after reading these tips, then you might consider using a more hands-on third party for help. Here at The it Crowd Marketing, we highly recommend setting up your event on Eventbrite for an easy, sold-out experience. 


By: Miranda Hardesty Hoffpauir 

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