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How Your Work Environment Affects Your Productivity

Even if you work in a fun, creative profession, your workday is probably a bit monotonous. You probably, more or less, do the same kind of work, interact with the same people, and have the same routine most days. That’s us to a T at The it Crowd! How are we able to do essentially the same jobs every day yet remain happy, upbeat, inspired, and productive? One huge reason is because our work environment is happy, upbeat, inspired, and comfortable! If you’re an employer, do not underestimate the importance of ambiance!

The Ideal Work Area

At The it Crowd, creativity is synonymous with productivity. Because communication sparks ideas, our setup incorporates shared desks and open spaces rather than closed-off cubicles. While cubicles and offices may be more conducive to productivity in some fields (if you’re crunching numbers all day, you probably think silence is golden), we thrive in a fluid, open atmosphere. We’re also energized when we’re comfortable. Sometimes we feel like standing up and sometimes we feel like sitting down. Our sit-stand desks adjust to fit our moods!

A Homey Atmosphere

It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you get impromptu visits from a waggy four-legged friend throughout the day. The it Crowd is a dog-friendly office – with an office dog named Gracie! We all thoroughly recommend having a living office mascot! Our walls are also adorned with motivational quotes and sayings to remind us why we do what we do, and why it’s important to always give absolute effort. Anything worth doing is worth doing right! In our offices, you’ll not find any of that harsh fluorescent lighting common in so many offices. Instead we’ve got plenty of natural lighting, lamps, and dimmer switches to set the mood.

Positive Vibes all Around

In addition to our open workspaces, our office is outfitted with mini seating areas ideal for holding meetings and just brainstorming. Instead of a buttoned-up conference room, our meeting spaces are cozy and casual. In fact, instead of setting up shop in a corporate stereotypical “office building,” we’re located in one of Dallas’ trendiest and most vibrant spots (Deep Ellum.) We’re surrounded by an energizing atmosphere with plenty of people, peoplewatching, dining options, and activities. Our location is ideal for one of the other essential productivity-boosting elements for any job: Team happy hours, special events, and team-building opportunities.

At The it Crowd, we’re fortunate to love what we do and where we do it! If your employees seem to have that glassy-eyed, glazed over appearance, take a look around your space. Even small changes to enhance the work environment can have a huge impact. Bring in some plants. Switch up your color scheme. Install an aquarium. Talk to your team about what inspires them, and update your space to maximize productivity and boost morale.


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