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How Your Company Can Give Back This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to take a step back to look at what all your company has accomplished thus far in the year and to properly thank all of those who have helped you get to where you are. This doesn’t just include those who have spent money in your store or those who have signed up for reward programs and email lists. But it also includes everyone in your community who is helping to create a culture in which your company can thrive.

Like all other aspects of your business, deciding how to give back largely depends on your company’s budget.

Even the tightest budget can allow for giving back as it is not only a great thing to do for your community, but can also be a great marketing tool and can help come tax time.


A popular starting spot for companies is to find a non-profit organization to partner with and/or to make a donation to. It’s helpful to find an organization that supports a cause that aligns with your organization. Non-profits can be a great option for giving back as they know how to get your food, clothing, cash, or other donation types to the right people. When choosing a non-profit to back, ask for recommendations from other companies, look for any recent press, and call the organization and ask about operating costs. It might surprise you that organizations with lower operating costs tend to provide more help and donations to those in need than organizations with higher operating costs.

Donation Drives

An easy way to maximize the size of your company’s donation is by getting your community involved. This is a simple way to make it known that you’re a charitable company without coming across as bragging. But more importantly, this also ultimately increases the amount that your company can give to those in need. A donation drive can take several forms. It can be as simple as a donation box placed in front or inside of your company, a container for cash donations, mailers asking for support, or even volunteers going from door to door. Your drive can be as simple or creative as you want. Some companies offer a discount on their product/services when a donation is brought in at the time of purchase.


Your chosen organization is sure to have a few fundraising events surrounding the holidays, and as any business owner knows, events can be expensive. Your company can help cover the costs by hosting or sponsoring the event. This method of giving comes with your company’s name being added to merchandise, mentions at the event, and more-than-likely free press.

Help Sustain

If your company has the ability, you can extend the generosity past the Thanksgiving season and become a sustainer. A large seasonal donation is great and appreciated by the receiver, however, non-profits rely on sustainers to help provide consistent revenue by making regularly scheduled monthly donations, even if it’s in the neighborhood of $100, to help cover operating costs and to stay in business. Considering this money is coming out of your company’s revenue and not a community donations jar, it should even be tax-deductible.

Investing in your community is never a bad move. Companies that are generous and help to hold their communities up retain higher levels of customer loyalty than companies who don’t give back. If you take care of your community, then they will make sure to help take care of your business and see that you stay around for a long time.


By: Miranda Hardesty Hoffpauir

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