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How to Maximize Your iPhone Storage Capacity

As we spring into spring, and warmer weather the pull to be outdoors is magnetic. After months of hibernating and snuggling up indoors, it’s time to hit the road, the beach, the parks, and the pools. It’s time to be social again and to do so listening to our favorite tunes and snapping tons of pics to memorialize amazing moments. We rely on our iPhones for these latter tasks. And when we’re using our phones a lot, we risk running out of storage space. Fortunately, there are some ways to maximize iPhone storage without deleting our favorite photos and apps.

1: Delete Your Non-favorite Photos, Videos, and Apps. The quickest way to gain more storage is to do some spring cleaning of your phone. You probably never get the perfect selfie on the first try. There’s no need to hang on to those imperfect versions of yourself! You may have been compelled to video last year’s fourth of July fireworks display … and the St. Patrick’s Day parade. But ask yourself… do you really need to hang on to those storage-sucking videos? Same holds true for apps. Did you download a rewards app for a restaurant you don’t go to? Clear out that clutter!

2: Uninstall and Reinstall Apps that Make the Cut. Some apps, namely Facebook, store or cache data so they work faster. Over time, though, they take up gigs upon gigs of iPhone storage space. Try to check y our storage use weekly. When you spot an offender that’s collecting cached data, you can uninstall and reinstall it. This way, you eliminate all the data collected in the cache and start from scratch with a blank slate. You can check app storage use by going to Settings and iPhone Storage. You’ll see how much space each app is using. Click on those that are using a lot to offload and reinstall, or delete entirely.

3: Delete Old Text Messages. This is a biggie! Text threads take up a huge amount of space – often gigs and gigs worth! Delete what you don’t need to save. It will take you some time, but will be well worth it. Next time you’re sitting in a waiting room or standing in line, bored, you can be deleting all those accumulated messages. When you do this, you’ll also be able to back up your iPhone much more quickly.

Out with the old and in with the new! Spring is the ideal time to clean up your electronics as well as your closet!

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