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Do You To Do?

Not only do you have a lot on your plate and wear many hats, you live in the real world where life throws a barrage of curveballs. It’s no wonder that things sometimes slip your mind. Or, maybe you’re down right forgetful. There is so much stimuli swirling about in your brain, it can be tough to focus! That’s exactly why you should to do … keep to-do lists, that is!

Unless you are still in school, there is absolutely nothing wrong with keeping a cheat sheet nearby at all times to remind you of important dates, meetings, appointments, even what you need to stock up on at the grocery store. There is a very good reason why Post-It notes are so pervasive: making and taking notes is effective! If you keep a written to-do list and refer to it throughout the day, you’ll be more punctual and more effective. You’ll be able to focus and concentrate better, because you won’t be consumed with racking your brain trying to remember what it is you’re supposed to doing or what time you’re supposed to be doing it.

A to-do list is a confidence builder, and it’s also rewarding visual proof of all that you accomplish in a given day, week, or month. Each time you complete a task on your to-do list, you have the satisfaction of crossing it off your list. You may even feel a little surge of adrenaline on occasions when you’re able to cross off something major – such as “file income taxes.”

You can also to-do on your smart phone. If you are a gadget guy or gal, you can set up nifty to-do lists on your smart phone and even schedule reminders to pop up. Whether you go pen and paper or electronic, keeping lists and making notes is easy and doesn’t take much time. There’s no excuse for not being organized!

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