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Cold Sales


When was the last time you answered the phone to someone you didn’t know; and if you did answer, how long did you actually stay on the line for? What about opening an email from an unknown sender then taking the time to read it?Recent studies show a 1.7% response rate to cold emails. Whilst another study found it takes eighteen cold calls before one is able to get in touch with a single buyer.


The world of sales is changing; the consumer has more options than they know what to do with. Cold strategies are time consuming and a thing of the past. Now the question arises as to what is the best way to reach potential consumers? The answer is by utilizing a vast range of outlets to establish bonds with strangers then navigate them into a consumer of your product. We have compiled 3 different ways to raise the temperature of your sales strategy for a warmer outreach approach.


Utilize Social Media

There are several social media sites that will enable you to create those valuable connections and provide information about your consumer; such as their interest and hobbies.

LinkedIn is a great tool for professionals; it takes the drama out of social media and focuses on building quality business relationships. LinkedIn groups are a great way to identify your prospects interests. Once you have found a number of groups your prospects are interested in, you can comment, and even begin a debate, which gives both of you a chance to become familiar with each other. Simply visit the prospects LinkedIn profile page and find the Groups section where you can view the groups they are part of.

Twitter is also a quick andeasy wayto get involved in discussions as well as share interests and blog posts. A Twitter List allows you to stay updated with what prospects and what they are sharing. To add someone on the Twitter list, all you need to do is click Settings, and click “Add” or “Remove”. For more information about setting up your Twitter list click here.


Personalizing Emails

After you have laid a solid foundation through initial interactions and identified your prospects interest, you can now send a personalized email.Be sure to ensure to include the known interest in your email, as the prospect is more likely to respond if it interests them.

Don’t Stop the Conversation

One mistake you must not make is stopping all conversations as soon as they have buy in to your product. Avoid coming across as a user because no one likes a user and you may come in contact with this client again in the future. Keeping a constant conversation going will ensure a stronger relationship and warmer foundation. Making a phone call, sending an email, or commenting on blog postthe client has published is a great way to maintain communication. The conversation can be simple and to the point and does not need to be complex, but just remember keeping it all positive will always get you a referral.

To wrap things up, you can never go wrong by getting to know your who your consumers are and pinpointing what excites them. Stop wasting time on cold calls that end in an angry hang up or sending emails with the fate of an electronic trash bin. Do the research and warm up your potential consumer relationships.

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