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Client Shout Out: Hello Paper City!

Occasionally we like to devote some cyber ink on our blog to checking in with our clients. Of course, they’re our clients so we are well aware of what they’ve been up to. But you may not be! We hope to change that and to inspire our clients to get to know and love one another. Because we think you’re all amazing!

So here’s a glimpse into the bold, beautiful pages of the current issue of PaperCity – a mag that “showcases local taste makers and exceptional individuals in Houston and Dallas” and dishes “about people who make style happen.” Just a few of the intriguing articles in past issues have included:

  • The world’s finest tequila bar,
  • A sommelier who’s opening a honky tonk in Houston,
  • The high-fashion nail art trend,
  • Where to find modern cowboys and cowgirls in Houston,
  • Dallas’ “perfect Instagram spot,” and
  • The inside scoop on why a popular Dallas restaurant recently shut its doors.


Want more? Read all about it here! And check back here often, too. You never know when you will be the subject of our Shout Out!

Yup, we created a store. Why? Because we can and have you seen the awesome stuff in there?