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Becoming The Best Manager For Your Team

A good manager makes for a great team. One way to help your team succeed is by investing time into sharpening your leadership and management skills. Sometimes knowing where to start can be the hardest part. The following are key characteristics of a great leader that can always be better. 

Know/Build Your Team 

If there is no team, then there is no need for a manager. Know what motivates your team as a whole and who each person is as an individual. You will want to make sure that you are building the best team possible for the job. Once you have a good understanding of what motivates each person, you will be better equipped to delegate tasks appropriately and efficiently as well as creating pairs/groups who will mesh well. 

Acknowledge Success 

You have to give the good with the bad. It’s important to let someone know when they are doing a task wrong,  but it’s also important to encourage your team when they are doing a job well. Praise often makes others go above and beyond their job descriptions. 

Lead By Example 

As a position of power, people are looking to you as an example. If you’re constantly late to meetings, then they will believe that being late is an acceptable action. Likewise, if you dress professionally, then you will be setting the standard dress code for those under you. Act in a way that you want to be reflected by your team. 

Be An Ethical Leader 

Be honest and be decent. Don’t cut corners even if you know that you could get away with it. An ethical leader will gain more respect and loyalty from her team than an unethical manager. Be transparent as to what your goals and desires are from the start and admit to any faults of your own doing. If you stand by your beliefs then your team will likely stand by you.  

Invest In Yourself 

Don’t focus so much on your team and company that you forget about nurturing your own growth. Complete self-assessments, pinpoint the areas that you are weak in and seek out ways to grow that skill set. Chances are that this is a habit of yours since you are already reading this article!

By investing in both yourself and your team, you will see higher performance levels and better workplace culture. A lot goes into being a great manager, but with work and dedication, you can lead your team to success!


By: Miranda Hardesty Hoffpauir  

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