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Attention! Presidential Nominees on Social Media → the little birdy says enough!

If you’ve been living under a rock lately or maybe you put your earplugs in when politics are discussed (we don’t blame you), let’s do a quick recap. The presidential election has by far been the craziest of it’s kind since George Washington served the first term in 1789. Each party nominee has gotten down and dirty, smack talking each other like teenagers on the playground debating whose mommy is bigger. Donald Trump is undoubtedly more of a tyrant than Hillary, taking every spotlight opportunity to chastise his opponent. But Hillary is no victim; she herself has thrown a few low balls at the Trump campaign.

A politician bad talking other politicians is nothing new (yes, we know Trump is not technically a politician), but tweeting about it is new. Trump and Clinton have taken to social media to express their dislike for one another. In a recent Twitter exchange Trump called Hillary “crooked” after she received President Obamas endorsement, in which secretary Clinton responded with a tweet that read “delete your account.” Granted Hillary may have taken the highroad with her reply and received over 400k retweets, but the subject of the matter is why are the presidential nominees of the United States of America attacking each other on social media. You would expect this from the girl you went to high school with that never moved out of your hometown and has nothing better to do or maybe from a Kardashian. This is not the respectable behavior you expect from someone running to be the leader of our great country. What do you think our four fathers would say? What do you think the rest of the world is saying?

The debate itself is out of hand. Frankly, neither party is going to come out looking like a knight in shining armor. If the presidential nominees want to listen and represent the American people, please consider our one request, from now until November, save debates for the podium and let it consist of more than 140 characters.

What are your thoughts? How has the presidential election affected you? Do you think the presidential nominees should use social media? Do you find this debate entertaining? Let us know, join in the conversation.

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