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5 Summer Road Trip Destinations

Summer is the perfect time to pack up your car and get out on the road. If you know you want to take a road trip but you don’t know where you want to go yet, here are five of our favorite summer road trip destinations:


  1. Moab, Utah – Moab is one of the best places to hike in the entire country, with ancient cliff dwellings and well-worn trails through stunning red-rock landscapes. If you’re coming from the south, stop through Grand Junction, Colorado, where you can see Dinosaur National Monument. As you head west, you’ll encounter the Utah Field House of National History State Park Museum, where you can find some life-sized dinosaurs!


  1. Boston, Massachusetts – Interested in American History? If so, there’s no better road trip destination than Boston. There’s also beautiful beach and Salem nearby that make great day trips.


  1. Orlando, Florida – Are you interested in visit Disney World? Why not make it a road trip? After spending a few days in the car, your group will be excited to get out and spend their days walking around the parks and riding rides. By car, seeing the sights, is probably one of the best ways to get to Disney World.


  1. Portland, Oregon – If you want to see the Pacific Northwest, a road trip is a great option. Follow the Columbia River Highway, and you’ll see the historic road tunnel.


  1. Big Sur, California – You can drive the entire length of California’s coast if you take State Route 1, and there are plenty of big cities and small Californian towns along the way, so no matter what you like your pit stops to look like, you’ll enjoy this drive and the warm beaches and clear water waiting for you at the end.


Whether you want to be outdoorsy, take a historical tour, live out a childhood dream or simply relax in a beautiful scenic area, road trips are a great way to travel in the summer! Pack up the car with snacks, and friends and hit the road!

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