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5 No-Hassle Ways to Market Your Business 

Every business owner faces a series of unique obstacles that can make marketing your own business harder than it needs to be. Whether you are a new or small business, have a tight budget, or even if your business is expanding faster than you feel like you can keep up, these 5 tips will help marketing to fit into anyone’s daily schedule. 

  1. Focus on the big hitters 

Between organic and paid media channels, there can be an overwhelming amount of options and ways to promote your business. Instead of trying to hit all of them, focus on the channels that can best reach your target audience. For example, a good Instagram strategy for a fashion company would be more beneficial than a routine of publishing knowledgeable articles on a LinkedIn page. Find where your target audience is spending time and focus on your efforts there. (Ask us about our puzzle piece: the social one) 

  1. Promote your best content 

Paid advertisements and boosted posts can help ensure that your message isn’t getting lost in the static of online noise. When choosing what to promote, take a look at which of your posts have had the best audience responses and craft similar messages. (Our geek and social puzzle pieces fit together nicely here)

  1. Show – don’t tell 

A quick visual message is likely to receive higher engagement rates than a wordy post. Additionally, multimedia messages leave lasting impressions. If you are new to the idea of showing, you can start with a quick video message introducing yourself, your company, and your values. People also respond well to relevant how-to videos. The trick of showing and not telling is to convey your message without having to spoon-feed your audience. 

  1. Take advantage of your GMB

If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business page yet, what are you waiting for? Google is the most popular search engine used worldwide. The majority of new traffic for businesses comes from either social media or online searches. Spend some time and energy building up your GMB account to help optimize your business’ searchability. (Our geek, connector, and strategist would all fit nicely into this plan) 

  1. Bring in the experts 

Take a minute to consider your daily tasks. Do you, or another employee, have the flexibility to spend quality time developing and executing a marketing strategy every day? If not, bring in an expert to help focus on growing your online presence. An agency such as The it Crowd Marketing can help expedite online traffic into leads. Knowing when to delegate and when to ask for help, can separate the good leaders from the great ones. With a team devoted to helping your business succeed, we are sure to have the missing piece to your marketing puzzle.

Remember, marketing doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Rather than drowning in all of the options and mediums, focus on the smaller, more meaningful ways to connect with your audience. With options and plans at your disposal, you’re sure to find a strategy that fits both your budget and schedule. When in doubt, it never hurts to bring in the pros and consult an agency about how they can help. 

By: Miranda Hardesty Hoffpauir


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